Byron Bay

As we headed North from Sydney on the train, choosing our next destination was a matter of picking places we had heard of and that potentially had more to offer than just a beach. After the drive from Melbourne to Sydney (twice), we had just about had our fill of beaches and Byron Bay wasn’t too much of a departure from the familiar pattern.

I was probably not in the best frame of mind for Byron Bay, having just come down with a cold and feeling a bit sorry for myself in a slightly run-down backpackers, but I doubt I would have fallen in love with the place, even at the best of times. Byron has a reputation as a hippie haven, but all I could see were stoners. Really annoying stoners, travelling on parental handouts, with all the insignia of middle class comfort, but none of the signs of having earned it.

The beach is beautiful, there’s a great live music scene, and if you’re after a relaxing break, you’ll find it here alright, but I was happy to move on after three days.

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