Oudtshoorn was the first bigger town we came across. We visited the Cango Caves, where I sensibly (and chicken-ly) did the Standard Tour, while Helgart and Siobhan did the Adventure Tour, which I knew was a bad idea when I saw that the narrowest point is THIS narrow:

Thanks, I’ll pass and just look at the pretty stalactites and -mites without putting my claustrophobia to the test. (PS: tourists are weird)

Then we went to an ostrich farm, which is as cool as it sounds. The ostriches have a pretty one-track mind, so you can get them to do anything for food.

You could have a LOLspeak field day captioning the facial expressions these crazy birds make, if you were so inclined.

The B+B we stayed in was lovely and friendly above and beyond the call of duty. And it came with its own flood catastrophe-prone river, a Golden Gate style bridge and cutesie garden.