Tag: Garden Route

  • Your obvious Whale of a Time pun here

    Hermanus is pretty in its own right but mainly known for whale watching, which we did – as you can clearly see in this picture: I know you can’t tell from the picture, but I swear it was doing this:

  • Remembered the Wine?

    Well, yes, in fact we did remember the wine. And drink it, too! Also: pies and the last muffin in the shop.

  • Vertigo vs. Views

    Knysna is one of many places on the coast that inevitably comes with a price tag. A drive along the Garden Route is pure, shameless property porn. “This house would have gone for so many million five years ago, now it would be impossible to buy a doorknob for that amount… etc” Understandable, considering this:…

  • Nature’s Valley

    What can I say – does what it says on the box… Love the furry little elephants (no, seriously)

  • Over the Mountain, to the Sea

    One more dirt road across a mountain pass… …dodging falling bits of scrap metal… …brought us to Plettenberg Bay, where we stayed in a holiday flat with an okay view: Plett also has stuff that has been washed away by floods. Except this time it’s a restaurant car park and the restaurant will likely be…