The Mixtape that started it all

Like most bad ideas, the Hot for Teacher mixtape idea was conceived in a bout of enthusiasm which lasted long enough to ensure the mixtape was completed, despite being quite low on the required input – expected output scale.

A friend was celebrating her graduation and thus the beginning of the rest of her life as a teacher. Of course, I couldn’t not procure a copy of Van Halen’s Hot for Teacher as the only suitable gift to celebrate this momentous occasion. Van Halen being Van Halen, though, there was only one place that could possibly deliver and, as ebay’s law dictates, the gift would naturally arrive a day late, so I devised the genius plan of copying my CD version of the song (don’t ask) and adding some more school-and-teacher-themed songs to make an interim gift for presentation on the night.

Long story short, I lost a week of my life and enjoyed the experience immensely, which is why I will continue to dedicate large portions of my time to the quest for the perfect songs for themed mixtapes. Coming up – the Hot for Teacher Mixtape. Gift it to a hot teacher near you today!