Holiday in Namibia

Brace yourself, my dear…

Went on a Safari with some Wild Dogs (and bitches). The days were hot and the nights were freezing. We were camping. The first day, we drove north for a few hours to our first campsite. This is it:

Note the absence of people, roads, building, or anything resembling civilisation. Which is fine, until you hear about the wild animals that come out at night, but that’s fine, because they don’t come near the fire, until you realise the toilets (more about those later) are really far away from the camp fire, and if the Leopards and Snakes and Spiders don’t get you on the long, dark, narrow path there, surely they’ll pounce on you as you sit on the toilet bowl and that would just be such an undignified way to die.

Let’s just say, I had an early night.