It's not summer there, you know

…so I didn’t get an amazing tan in the month I spent in Africa. I did, however, have a great time.

I flew in to Namibia, just in time for my cousin’s wedding.

See: they’re all pale, too. Cause it was winter, you know. No non-pale people were in attendance. Also: no exotic food and no African music (“that’s for [nasty word]s!” Oh, okay, we’ll just listen to Euro Dance all night, then). The wedding was over tragically early and I was one of the last people to get kicked out of the hotel bar at ELEVEN! An Irish wedding this was not. On the other hand, it was nice to have a clear head the next day for this:

A few days of family-time in Windhoek followed (the capital of Namibia. Don’t beat yourself up about it.) Looks pretty, right?

Let’s take a closer look:

I partook in traditional Namibian activities, such as

– drinking lots of Jägermeister at Joe’s beerhouse, which serves Schnitzel and Eisbein

– watching football and celebrating Germany’s victory