Look Ma, no bars

The first night was tough, kid, but it’s life. And it was all uphill from there.

At Etosha National Park, we spent two days seeing pretty much every animal you would imagine seeing in Africa. Obviously, you’ve seen them all before, at the Zoo or in a circus, but seeing them without bars, in the wild, is pretty awe-inspiring.

Here we have a Mongoose, Giraffes, Zebras, Kudu, Elephant, Springbok, Ostrich, etc. By the end of the first day, you’re pretty blase about all these amazing animals, like “oh, another giraffe *rolls eyes* keep driving, I want to have a shower *yawn*”.

Not pictured – the famous rock animals and tree animals: “Oh look, it’s a Giraffe! No, wait, it’s a tree.” “Hey, it’s an Elephant! Oh, it’s only a rock.”