These German forts do come in handy

The first night, we stayed at Namutoni camp, which was built around an old German army fort, and it was pure luxuray! what with all the electrically lighted paths and toilets/showers contained within four walls, a roof, with lockable doors.

We were all set to spend the night at the waterhole and wait for the animals we hadn’t seen during the day, but an insufferable English lady felt the need to prattle on in an extremely annoying pitch, which drove away the animals – and me.

Oh well, back to the other watering hole (i.e. sixpack of Tafel Lager I had bought earlier. Good beer that!) We joined forces with the hard-partying safari tour group next to us, who were  on the road for a mind-boggling 3 months. The group included an Aussie, a few Brits, two awesome American ladies who must have been at least my Mum’s age, and a few guys and girls from Dublin. Because it’s not a holiday if I don’t meet Irish people.

Campsite security kind of broke up that party when they threatened to expel us from the park at 1 in the night, but seeing how we were getting up at 6 the next morning that was probably a good thing.