Prices in Ireland? Pick a Number

Pricing of things like stuff and other paraphernalia in Ireland has been a bit of a mystery of late. Things are overpriced in a way that is not adequately covered by a word like „expensive.“ Prices bear no relationship to, well, anything.

My uncle Dan has finally solved the mystery. The reason why everything in Ireland is overpriced is called „pick a number.“ This is how the „pick a number“ principle of pricing in Ireland may have been applied to this toilet paper.

really expensive Irish toilet paperI imagine Jimmy, who runs the shop, said to his wife Sheila: „How much will we charge for the 4-pack of loo roll? Pick a number, Sheila. Any number between 1 and 10!“

S: „Um, two?“

J: „No, not two. Higher!“

S: „Uh, okay, four?“

J: „Ooh, ooh, I know! We’ll make it 3.45, that seems like a lot less than 4 and we’ll say 3 for the price of 4, so it looks like a bargain.“

S: Jimmy, you’re a genius!“

J: „High five, Sheila, we’re rich!“

True story!

PS: Interestingly, the pack is labelled „4 for the price of 3,“ although the 2-pack costs 1.99, so by that logic the price of 3 should be just under 2.99, no?