Sydney Walks

Thanks to the aforementioned shoddy infrastructure, public transport was pretty low on our list of preferred modes of getting around and the steep inclines all around the harbour quickly put a stop to any notions of cycling. Thankfully, there’s a range of walking tracks that have only recently all been joined up to form the Harbour Circle Walk.

We didn’t do the whole thing, but several big chunks of it and each one showcased what makes Sydney so special. The paths, weaving in and out of built-up residential areas, parks and even stretches of national park, take you to secluded beaches one minute, busy main streets the next, then on to quiet bays with multi-million dollar views of the harbour – and the real estate to match. At times, you could easily imagine yourself on a secluded island retreat, until a glimpse of the Harbour Bridge around the next headlands reminds you that you are in the middle of Australia’s largest city.

Neutral Bay to Taronga Zoo Walk


Manly to the Spit Bridge Walk


Bondi to Coogee Walk


Harbour Bridge to Botanic Gardens

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