Pretty as a Picture

Cape Town is photogenic to such an extent, if it were a human, it would be George Clooney (analogy – fail?) The city curves and sprawls along the ocean, up the mountainside and awards amazing views from all angles, so with every step you take in and around Cape Town, you get a peek of Table mountain, a flash of the ocean or some other dramatic backdrop, so you end up taking gazillion pictures that all look like they might have been taken in ten different countries. Normally my sentiment about living by the ocean is – you can keep your beaches, I’d rather live near the mountains, thanks – but Cape Town has both!

These views from Lion’s Head at night are a case in point. You can see Table Mountain, Robben Island, the unfinished football stadium (for the world cup 2010) and the Waterfront. Oh, also; sunset and full moon.

These are from halfway up Table Mountain the following day. The cable car wasn’t running and apparently walking up by yourself is akin to saying “Yes, do help yourself to my wallet and why don’t you have my phone and camera while you’re at it, too”, so I made do with the halfway view. Pan-o-rama!

More picture perfect views of Cape Town from Table Mountain (watch out for the snakes, though!) and some beach shots:

These are my favourite “does my liveability look big in this?” beauty shots:

The football stadium building site again. Can’t wait to see how South Africa hosting an event of this size will work out (spoiler alert: I don’t think it will be as organised as 2006!) The lighthouse is right across the road and looks pretty.