Tag: Capetown

  • Cape Peninsula Tour

    There’s so much to do and see in and around Cape Town and I missed out on loads of stuff. The Robben Island tour, because I hadn’t anticipated having to book a week in advance just to catch the ferry out there (huh?) and the gay-couples’-all-u-can-drink-… uh, I mean, connoisseur gourmet wine tasting tour, which…

  • Pretty as a Picture

    Cape Town is photogenic to such an extent, if it were a human, it would be George Clooney (analogy – fail?) The city curves and sprawls along the ocean, up the mountainside and awards amazing views from all angles, so with every step you take in and around Cape Town, you get a peek of…

  • Namibia to South Africa

    Windhoek to Capetown. Spot the difference. Hint: a change in weather.