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  • Eurovision’s biggest Australian fan takes Austria

    Eurovision’s biggest Australian fan takes Austria

    Jason Watkins just had the most Australian moment. A fellow Eurovision fan showed him his coin-sized tattoo. Not one to miss a cue, Jason deadpanned, “You call that a tattoo? THIS is a tattoo,” revealing the letters E-U-R-O-V-I-S-O-N inked across his own arm, from elbow to wrist. A loyal follower of the song contest, Jason…

  • Girls and Queens compete for Eurovision Throne in Austria

    Girls and Queens compete for Eurovision Throne in Austria

    This time two years ago, an appearance by a bearded lady in a ballgown would have been quite an unusual sight. Before May 2014, even Vienna had only one Conchita Wurst. Now she is everywhere you look in the Austrian capital: co-presenting the Eurovision broadcasts, smiling from magazine covers, advertising products… and her voice greets…

  • Eurovision 2015 drinking game: Emerging trends to watch

    Eurovision 2015 drinking game: Emerging trends to watch

    Those accustomed to drawing up Eurovision Bingo cards or rules for a themed drinking game (beverage of choice, alcohol optional) each year before watching the biggest song contest in the world are aware that there are recurring themes. Certain essential highlights of every screening will have you crossing off squares and chugging shots in no…

  • My favourite place in Australia

    My favourite place in Australia

    One of the top questions I get asked about my year in Australia is “What’s your favourite place?” (Other popular questions include: “Did you cuddle a koala?” A: No! “Weren’t you scared of the spiders/crocodiles/snakes?” A: Much to my own surprise, not particularly. “Does the water really go down the drain the other way around…

  • Happy Aussie Christmas!
  • Broome


    Broome is more like a random assortment of villages connected by heavily-roundabouted roads, but after more than a week crossing a part of the country where any town that has a supermarket AND a pub is considered a metropolis, it was a welcome return to the joys of modern life. Between the air con and…

  • Cape Leveque

    Cape Leveque

    Shortly before leaving Broome, Dane took us on an overnight trip to Cape Leveque, which is one of those places so amazing, it’s hard to believe I had never even heard of it until I was actually half way there. Yes, it’s out of the way and you really need a 4WD to get there,…

  • Penguins!
  • Droving in Queensland

    Droving in Queensland

    By the time I reached Queensland for the second time, it was supposed to be a farewell trip. I had seen everything I had planned to see, gone everywhere I could go by train and my flight back to Munich was booked. The West Coast, with its lack of infrastructure and seemingly (to a female…

  • Back to Fraser

    Back to Fraser

    After a year in Australia, people invariably ask me which place I liked best and whilst it’s not easy to settle on a definite favourite, Fraser Island is at the very least a strong contender for “Personal Happy Place 2013.” After our first visit to Fraser Island, I was sad to leave, but when the…